Stephen Strangways

My passion is the science, technology, and creative techniques that enable us to share stories through the medium of audio and video, utilizing the art and craft of cinema to full effect.


I think the saying "no plan survives contact with the enemy"
applies perfectly to the world of production.

Nothing energizes me more than thoroughly researching, planning, testing, and preparing for a shoot, then facing unforeseen challenges and quickly overcoming them with creative and clever solutions that ultimately improve the final product.

Jacob Moon - Subdivisions

A live music video shot on the roof of a theatre, I was the Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator, and Editor.

Steadicam Demo Reel

A few highlights from some of my Steadicam work on TV commercials and corporate/hospital videos.

Colourist Demo Reel

I'm always looking to get the best out of the footage I shoot, and that has led to me not only colour-correcting my own work, but also creatively grading footage for others.

Descending TV Series - Teaser #1

One part of being the Technical Supervisor on this series was performing the initial colour correction on all the footage, as well as the final grade for this teaser.